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Contributors in alphabetical order:

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Caitlin Broderick is a Ph.D. student in the Division of Biology studying the effects of climate manipulations on tallgrass prairie ecosystem processes.




Lindsey Bruckerhoff

Lindsey Bruckerhoff is a PhD student at Kansas State University interested in how landscape change and predators influence stream fish communities at multiple spatial scales




Alexis Carpenter is a first year biology Ph.D. studying how viruses are able to escape from the midgut of mosquitoes and potentially be transmitted to humans.



img_1668-e1522174994568.jpgKent Connell is a Ph.D. student in the KSU Division of Biology studying the interactions between plants and microorganisms in the soil.




Ryan Greenway is a biology Ph.D. student that uses fish to study how ecology and evolution interact to create the diversity of life on our planet. Ryan is also the Science Snapshots Editor.




Priscila Guzman is a second-year biology graduate student. She studies Agrobacteria, a bacterium that causes tumors on plants, to study the interactions between cheaters and cooperators by making them mate or fight.




Sophie Higgs has spent most of her graduate career at KSU splashing around in prairie streams attempting to answer questions about how stream life uses nutrients. Sophie is also the Science Snapshots Manager.



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGarrett Hopper is a Ph. D. student interested in the role of aquatic animals in stream ecosystems.




Lauren Konrade is a biology Ph.D. student who uses sunflowers to study how genome size changes in response to evolutionary forces.



Rory_OConnorRory O’Connor is a PhD student at Kansas State University interested in how woody plants encroach into grasslands and the best ways to remove them.




Liz Renner is a Master’s student studying the influence of gizzard shad on system-level food webs. Liz is also the Science Snapshots Social Media Manager.



52547499_403609553548343_5564335349800370176_n.pngSam Sharpe graduated from Carleton College in 2014 and is currently a PhD student studying drought response variation across species, populations, and life stages of prairie grass. They are passionate about science communication, creating diverse and inclusive learning communities, and running long distances.



Elsie Shogren is a PhD student studying how environment and sexual selection can interact to shape the behavior and morphology of birds in the Manakin family.




Akeem Waite is a cell biologist working with bakers/brewers yeast to understand how cells control proteins. Yes, this research smells like bread and beer!



Screen Shot 2018-06-03 at 8.47.19 PMEmily Wedel is a Masters student studying the expansion of woody species into the tallgrass prairie.





Sarah Winnicki is a Master’s student studying how cowbirds (which lay their birds in other birds’ nests) affect the growth and development of threatened grassland songbird nestlings (for more information check out She is also the Science Snapshots Web Manager.

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